• 3 days ago

YOU left ME. Remember? You left me blind and scewed me completely over.

I tried i really tried and I gave you more time and love than you desereved considering what you gave me. You were straight up cruel and laghng about it. It was a lot of fun right? I would have done anything for you at that time. Anything. You left me blind injured and with nothing and let people kick the shit out of it amd me, my life. Low shit. Below the belt shit. Changed me as a person, I trust no one, I’m meaner, more of an asshole, intollerant. If you were in trouble then, all you had to do was talk to me. You refused OR someone on your end had control of your shit and was manipulating it so nothing came in and nothing went out because that IS the type of loser you go for. Not me. You dont do good men. Thats not your type. You dont do mem smarter than you.

I would say this is your fault. No reason to get angry and hatey. Do you think you can do whatever the fuck you want and come back 20 years later after your fun like nothint happened? Is that what you expect? After I warned you many times not to do exactly that, because I knew you would? I cant accept that. Thats not good for me.

What I think your problem is is you are a slut and you’re alright with that. You’ve always been one, but I think you’re also comitted and have been since you left me all those years ago probably before. Left me blind poured salt into the wound, ruined my life a few times a few ways, you are connected to someone, but the problem now and for a while is you’re bored. Its old. You know damn well you cant come to me, BUT you might be able to start some drama at my expense with the right people amd still have some outside marriage fun. It can’t be with me, you are a monster when it comes to me, you cant come to me I know too much, you know it, you burned every bridge you possible could with me and had a blast doing it but you can go have some fun and stir some shit with some other sucker and cause me a headache for whatever reason. Thats not my style, but hey, we’re all different.

Thats not very appealing to me. We could have been good for each other, but I also know you are incapable. I know that you couldnt ever be good for me. Its just the way you are. Im not alright with that.

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