• 1 week ago

I am a teenager.
I went through a break up over a half a year ago. I was the one to break it off and I know I did the right thing.
I first thought I had to break up with him because of my own issues but after some time I started to remember all the shitty things he’s done.
I didn’t know better than share some of the shitty conversation and other things. I know I could have dealt with it better now but I also understand that I needed to get it out at that point. He was quite mad at me for doing so even though I just said the truth.
I talked about it especially to one of my friends. But now it seems like she’s a better friend with him then me and it seems like she trusts him more.
And I feel guilty for feeling betrayed that even after all the things I told her she still rather talks to him than to me.
And every time I see him I am reminded of how disrespectful he was towards me.
And it still hurts. Don’t get me wrong I am way better now when I am not in a relationship with him and don’t want to get back with him ever. Actually at least I knw I don’t want to be in a relationship anytime soon.
But I feel the pain of betrayal and misunderstanding so often.
I am way over him as a person but not really over the way he treated me and over the way I think of him.
I just seem to hate him now and I feel like a bad person because of it but I can’t seem to stop.
Also this friend of mine always talks to me just about him and I am tired of being just his ex. Like I am so much more. And it won’t even change that she likes to talk to him.

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