• 3 days ago

I got diagnosed in 7th grade with depression, and it’s funny because I was at the doctor for a normal checkup and then he commented on my terrible posture and I got so sensitive, and just cried. Then he asked me if I had depression, and I said yes. Then I thought I may have just self-diagnosed myself, and felt like shit for “pretending” to be depressed. Haha, it turns out I do have depression, and it totally shows. Right, and on top of that, I have anxiety, but wait it gets better… I have ADD, and tons of problems with my heart, spine(scoliosis), liver, and almost every fucking organ. My family tries to help me with my depression, but it just irritates me, and now I have tons of homework to do because I haven’t done any work during the quarantine. But now I feel like I’m a total shitball, for being like this, acting as if I’ll always have depression. It’s just so hard to ask for help because then it’s like admitting defeat, and I hate losing at life, but I already have, which makes no sense at all. I also hate how I can’t do simple shit. The homework that was due a month ago, “wow, I can totally do it, it’s easy as fuck”, and then I proceed to play games. I hate my mindset. I think too much, and I miss being happy. I want to be happy, but it’s just my own doing that makes me even more depressed. I already have a therapist, so thank you for offering to seek help, but as I said, it’s so hard for me to ask for help. Any advice would help

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