• 3 months ago

I don’t know why I keep getting depressed – no that’s not true, I know my triggers. I was diagnosed with clinical depression amongst other things, but perspective is EVERYTHING. What you and I focus on makes our reality. I KNOW THAT. But EVEN KNOWING that. I fail to apply that sometimes. This week I’ve been avoiding all social contact besides my family whom I live with (I’m not a teen, I’m in my mid 20’s). I know this constant one sided social avoidance is eventually going to make my friends get tired of it and draw away. I literally take days to respond. It’s because I seriously don’t want to reply to long or short messages. It takes too much energy and when I’m feeling like this, I just can’t. I’ve been drinking too much, being nocturnal, just watching a bunch of films and drawing occasionally.. wallowing in this misery. Not self pity mind you. I’m over that. But I still get depressed. Just getting this off my chest.

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