• 3 months ago

oh lordy, my word, can she talk garbage. It so disappoints and then maybe I should laugh at her whine and anger cuz she got so much anger in her speak and its so fired at audience and its like your being attacked just listening to her. she needs to think why she has all this knotted up attitude over a man. honey you want to forget men all together and just be about yourself. I have no idea what she is talking about most of the time about divine masculine or whatever and no such thing. no such thing as twin flame. it implies some special connection when there is none. no wonder she so wind up and allergy with man problems. there is no such thing as all this garbage simone speaks. you have turned me off. I don’t think I need to be abused like you seem to because why would you go back and actually speak to his new woman? cut all ties and move and no more. dumb cow. and she not good looking at all, or no more then many. most are better even.

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