• 4 months ago

My father is a known sex addict. I’ve had problems accepting who he is in the past, and spent a good year and a half mad at him, ever since his marriage with my mom started to get off the rails. They’re separated now, but we still all live in the same house. Yesterday, I got out of my room late at night to go drink some water, went downstairs and, when I came back, was listening to some audio from a cellphone video, a woman talking, pretty loud. I got up the stairs and saw a light in the bathroom door, which was open. The noise was coming from there. I looked in to see what was going on and saw my dad, butt naked, listening to the audio and moving his hands as someone who’s finishing jerking off. I passed quickly and went into my room. Closed the door and took a Long while to be able to fall asleep still. I keep thinking of the reason why he put himself in such a vulnerable position, while it was more simple to just close the fucking door, since he was in the dark anyway. Also, there’s always the possibility that he was just pissing, but why would he be naked though? I know the Victorian reasons for my shock, but nothing prepares you to see your parents being potentially sexually active in this day and age. Unfortunately.

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