• 3 weeks ago

My boyfriend has a 6 year old daughter and she confessed to me some stuff that her mom says/does to her that concerned me over the weekend. We met at a convenience store parking lot to give her to the mom when she asked us for a “few minutes” with my boyfriend. I took the little girl in the store and she said “I can’t tell my Daddy because if I do he’ll get in trouble. My mommy says police and lawyers only believe girls. You’re a girl so I can tell you that my mommy says Daddy has Corona virus and will die soon so today was my goodbye day. So I have to move to the Philippines forever and she will find me a new daddy. I also get a new name too. I’ll be Esmarelda so people can call me Esmie.” I gave her my phone so she could record it on video. She also mentioned a bunch of other things that I can’t repeat on here that border on abuse/neglect and especially that if her dad went to the police he would go to jail and she would never see him. I told her I would never show the video to her daddy so he doesn’t get in trouble. I bought her some chips and juice and we left the store.

It broke my heart but I’m on the fence on if I should give the video to my boyfriend to give to his lawyer. I want to but I also don’t want anyone to make false accusations. I know he loves and misses her daughter. I’m attached to her myself. A month ago she drew a picture of her, my boyfriend, and me with a message saying “one day we will be together.” She said we could not “show it to Mommy or she will be mad.” At only 6 she had made it clear she doesn’t want to live with her mom and felt safe to tell me some of what she is experiencing. But it makes sense that in the times she has spent a weekend or week with us that she runs into his room saying “Protect me, Daddy” or to my room saying (yes, I sleep in a separate room when she is over) “Stephanie, please protect me.”

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