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Coronavirus: I read that the Chinese did not alert the World Health Organization that the Coronavirus represented a World threat, until after one month had passed and it took several weeks longer than that, before the World as a whole started to take notice and by then the Coronavirus had seeded itself in countries all around the world, which is why we have the epidemic we are having now.
So this did not just happen overnight, nor was it spread by a few people, it was spread by hundreds or thousands, before the World was notified and that is why things are the way they are now.
The silly thing is that Coronavirus is an airborne virus like any other, for example, Colds and the Flu and it is breathed into our mouth, or nose and through our eyes, into our head, where it incubates for 4 or 5 days, before spreading into our bodies, down the backs of our throats, through a hole in the back of our upper throat, roughly in line with our nose, and higher than our throat, so gargling is a waste of time and achieves nothing.
Nobody wants to understand that they can cure all viruses that manifest themselves in their head, easily enough, irrespective of the nature of that virus:
Learn to breathe through your nose, not your mouth.
Use clean water, or bottled water, which you are sure about.
Put one heaped teaspoon of Salt and mix it in a mug of warm water and then cup a hand and sniff or snort the whole lot up your nose, spitting out anything which comes into your mouth.
It does not hurt to swallow 2 or 3 mouth fulls as well.
If your head is sore afterwards, then you have a virus and the salt is disinfecting and killing the virus in your head and that is great!!
Do this treatment 3 times a day (or more) until the soreness goes away and then you won’t have the virus any more and the silly thing is that this “cure” just works!!
If you don’t have any feelings up there, then you don’t have a virus yet – which is great too!!
You have a choice, after all – you can do nothing and let things take their course – or try my cure and save yourself and your family a lot of grief.
It is the Christian thing for me to do and helps tip the scales more in favor of me going to the good side and not the bad, when I die
So for me, this is a two way street, especially if I save those of you, who like myself, look after ourselves and let the people who behave like sheep, be driven where they might, by the Governments who don’t want a nice easy way to stop Coronavirus dead in its tracks!!
Good Luck and Best Wishes to you all, in these troubled times.

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