• 7 months ago

Caught my wife cheating. She was remorseful, I forgave her. She brought up open marriage, and I couldnt throw away the long relationship we had so I agreed. She sees other people, and encourages me to do the same, but i never will. She hides her affairs from me, or lies to me about them, but I always find out. I cant take the deception any more, but I cant divorce. It would destroy our child. I cant put them through that, and we simply cant afford to divorce. Too much debt between the two of us. I’ve started drinking more and more. Suicidal to a point, cant put my family through that, though. And so I simply exist. No happiness, no hope, no future. I can’t even cry anymore, I’m just so emotionally dead. I just put on that fake smile, and zombie through every day.

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