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Caught my wife cheating. She was remorseful, I forgave her. She brought up open marriage, and I couldnt throw away the long relationship we had so I agreed. She sees other people, and encourages me to do the same, but i never will. She hides her affairs from me, or lies to me about them, but I always find out. I cant take the deception any more, but I cant divorce. It would destroy our child. I cant put them through that, and we simply cant afford to divorce. Too much debt between the two of us. I’ve started drinking more and more. Suicidal to a point, cant put my family through that, though. And so I simply exist. No happiness, no hope, no future. I can’t even cry anymore, I’m just so emotionally dead. I just put on that fake smile, and zombie through every day.

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  • Find a really good lawyer, divorce her and take custody over children. Hire a private investigator to confirm her cheating so that you have an evidence. She doesn’t care about her family but only about herself. I hope you signed up a prenuptial agreement. It’s not time to cry but to man up. She betrayed your trust, she betrayed her entire family and she clearly showed no respect towards you or your child. She isn’t going to change, that’s for sure. Divorce her with a smile on your face and show her afterwards that you were never happier.

    Anonymous February 13, 2020 4:43 pm Reply
  • You have a simple choice.
    If you can’t live with her, then take the kids and move out of that relationship into one where you are on your own with your kids.
    Ideally, however, get legal advice on how to move her out and stay in your home with your kids and without her, change the locks and keep her out, but as the above person suggested above and get your act together without her, stop drinking and start living your life.
    We only have one life and we are a long time dead, so take what your wife is doing to you as your test and your reasons for life without her and be sure your kids know what is gong on, because kids are clever that way and they need the stability and ongoing support only you can provide now, because that’s the way it is and not the way your wife ever wanted it to be.
    If she has unprotected sex, then mixed DNA will be in her panties and reason enough to prove that she is fucking outside your marriage and thus is not a competent or loving partner and you can bar her access to your kids and forever.

    Anonymous February 13, 2020 7:05 pm Reply
  • MMM – thinking more about the above.
    What is your wife not getting from your relationship that makes her want to cheat?
    Now that you have said you forgive her, you have given her permission to cheat on you as often as she likes, because for her, when she cheats, she also knows you know and that hightens her thrill.
    Was me, I’d say to her that if she want to cheat fine, but it comes at a price and you want your thrills with her as well.
    Lift up a tit and suck and iss the areas under her tits, where her tits meet her chest, suck a bit up into your mouth and run your tongue over it, then move on to the next spot and same again, when she starts to cum, move your mouth up to a nipple and suck her nipple, or lightly bite it, then back down again afterwards…..
    Put her over your knee, pull down her pants and spank her ass as hard as you like and slip a hand between her legs from the front and rub her hot spot, at the top of her vagina, at the same time and get her to cum, but, tell her to moan as you spank and rub her at the same time, so you want to hear when she cums and you can vary the spanking accordingly, one cheek or the other.
    Start off lightly and start whacking her butt as she starts to cum, which should be a slow progression and when she does eventually cum, it will be the most sensational thing she has ever experienced and she should start with a low groan and slowly progress up to a scream when she cums.
    When she says her but is sore and she can’t sit down comfortably on it, tell her to press her legs together and think about how she came instead and what you will do to her each time she cheats on you, as your way of getting your rocks off too.
    Tell her you want to tie her down and have sex with her that way.
    Buy dog collars and tie her wrists and legs to the corners of the bed and when you have her bound, then you can tie up her tits as well and extend them as thinly as you please, after all, pain is the kink which you will impose on her for your satisfaction and ultimately hers too, then start to make her orgasm uncontrollably.
    To do that – Rub her cunt, put your thumb in her juicy cunt.
    Just inside and down below you will feel a soft pad, gently rub that while she orgasms uncontrollably, then run a finger inside her upper cunt and you will find a join there and rub a finger back and forwards lightly over that spot until she orgasms again and again
    (G-Spot) and then further back, lower down, there is another pad, rub that gently too and watch her cum like a horse.
    Buy a hard vibrator, one that takes 2 x “C” batteries, put in 2 new ones and use plenty of Petroleum Jelly on her inner cunt lips (very important), then take the vibrator going at full speed and hold it on one side of a cunt inner lip with a finger on the other side and feel for the upper vein which is hard and hold both on that for as long as possible.
    She will jerk and spasm like a wild animal and she will scream or groan from her pleasure and keep doing that up to 3 hours – if she tires of one lip, change to the other lip and carry on there – she will probably orgasm for up to 100 times, one after the other.
    When she has had enough, let her go to sleep, untie her and take off any bondage ropes and then lie behind her and let her sleep in your arms.
    When she awakens, don’t touch her front at all.
    Lightly run your hands over her back hairs, about 1/4 inch above her body and move your hand around like you would if you were massaging her back.
    Whenever you find a sensitive spot, just lightly run your hand around and around that spot, while she orgasms uncontrolllably and gently move your hand slowly down her body, over her bum, down each leg, to her feet and watch he orgasm uncontrollably even more.
    Take as long as you like, don’t rush it and let her enjoy the pleasures her biody is giving her.
    When you eventually finish, put a finger on her ear, or nose, to watch her orgasm uncontrollably – it is an awesome feeling for a guy to have that power over a woman and I assure you it is a very addictive experience for a woman to have and she won’t stray ever again, as long as you satisfy her so completely, once a week and never more.
    You have taken charge of her body and her so stay on top of it.
    You could try fisting her when she is aroused, see how far in you can get your fist and arm and if she asks you to take your ring off, because it is hurting her, you can say it’s not my ring, it’s my wristwatch.
    The point I am making is that she has betrayed your trust in her and you want to punish her in ways that she gets ultimate pleasures which are very addictive to her and fun for you.
    Also, try fucking her up her arsehole, while you hold her tits from behind – once you have tasted that exotic pleasure, you probably won’t want to fuck her any other way- use plenty of lubricant and take it slowly, so you don’t hurt her and she gets OK with you fucking her that way, whenever you want.
    you have changed the dynamics of your relationship with her.
    You have the upper hand.
    Use her body to fulfil your pleasures and she won’t ever want or need to leave you for someone else, ever again, because she knows they won’t be able to fulfil her the way you do.

    Anonymous February 14, 2020 2:04 am Reply

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