• 1 year ago

Going through a tough time idk this confession will give some relieve or not.

Im out of every thing im coming up with many ideas and many things to start to make my life a good living, im 20 right now i’m already facing issues like money . I dont even have economical support from my family on my gyming and supplements (im a skinny guy i started gym recently and earn 1300 rs. through tuting) , i want to be an influencer (fashion model) but for i need physique, clothes, cameras for self potraits. I also have to celebrate and do parties with friends , i want to attend family function, i want clothes and my father’s bussiness is too low as its initial stage. I feel depressed, suicidal. Yet i have a loved one on my side who knows and cares about through what im going. I cant tell my family as they are already so stress. I cant tell anybody. Tensed about career , life ,money, health. If anybody is ready this , please be a good friendly parent.