• 1 year ago

Can you guys do me a favour and spam every country’s leader about the Australian Fires and to send their army to help- Because no other countries are helping despite being filled with thousands of soldiers & special forces. We are literally letting Australia burn and doing fuck all about shit.
Even Millionaires are doing their bit and one individual funded $53 million for the people who lost their homes. Why aren’t anyone else?

Most of the nation are part of NATO so wtf are we doing? It’s pissing me off so bad!

Just do me a favour & SPAM every political leader in the world and question why they aren’t sending help and if the country is going to help. People messaged Iran & Trump about not starting WorldWar3 so why not about a fucking fire!?

Do me a favour:
-Plant Trees, Flowers, any Plants & eat less meat since overpopulation
-If you see any plastic or rubbish out it in recycling or bin
-Don’t burn fuels
-Walk or cycle whenever you can to places without using car
-Take a bus to reduce amount of CO2 released
-Message world leaders & famous people to help
Support Mr Beast
-Use OceanHero & Ecosia to help plant trees & remove plastic by using their search engine
-Share this with people to spread awareness
-Help others and be kind
-Avoid using plastic whenever you can, instead use metal and bio-degradable

Hope you can spread this. If your bored or a troll, wind some presidents and Prime Ministers up and spam their twitter with this message lol I’m encouraging it that’s right,

Well I’ve said my piece,
~Jess out!
(Irelle you’ll recognise me if you read this so hi lmao XD)