• 7 months ago

So a month aga during our University-wide General Assembly, I was convinced my month-long friend to experience sexual stuff with him. He touched me everywhere and finger-fucked me. Frankly I admit that I was highly vulnerable at that time since I was dealing with Family and academical problems by then and I secretely liked him already but I wish to never acknowledge it. He was my shoulder to cry on and the only one who made me feel special. I dunno why I agreed, but at the end of it I admitted to liking him. Since I was new to the damned thing, like a fool I asked for him to court me. Sadly for me he tried to cover things up and keep it under the wraps and he doesn’t want to be pressured. We still contact each other but rather communicated rarely. Now I’m left with this pain on my heart, feeling used and my hypersexuality at its worse thanks to him and academical stress. Good thing I never aggreed to being vaginally or orally fucked by him. And I still liked him despite it all and I also wished for him to sod off and never hurt another girl like what he did to me unless he really loves her…

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