• 7 months ago

Don’t Leave

maybe-when you’ve always had guys doing outrageously kind things to please you
you want something else
maybe-because you’ve spent your life always winning the Boy Scout guy everyone else wanted
you want something else
maybe-she’s seen all the cool things every Tom, Dick, and Harry in this state could do
she wants something else
maybe-her daddy was the coolest guy she knew, she misses him, and no one in this world but you could match him
maybe-her dad was a drunk and she loved her daddy anyway
and why she loves you
maybe-on the inside she feels like the scum and trash you think you are
maybe-your secrets are her secrets

so-there is no one like you
so-don’t give her this you are not good enough, you are scum, you are trash
you are exactly what she wants, don’t go there, don’t leave
don’t hide

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