• 8 months ago

I’ve been fighting against seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia for over 8 years and I am super angry because people discriminate me and leave me alone , I tried to know some girl to have some love with good intection without sex interest and nothing they won’t know me because I am ugly. I hate this because I need love to live , I feel like I am nothing and I don’t like anything , I dont have any interst I feel like I am alredy dead.
Why do girls have to be so brutal with me? Why I can’t have a life?
Annother thing that I want confess Is what happend to me from a dermatologist, after I say to her how much hurt become bald and how much I cry for this she told to me :”There are so many bald men, I could understand if you were female” at that moment I felt bad, and I told her that I didn’t want to become bald because to me it’s really a trauma and she didn’t tell me anything she started talking to me about eating so I decided to stop going to her.

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