• 7 months ago

I feel like my partner is just trying to hold me from going on dates with other people, even though we agreed upon open relationship. It’s hard for me to imagine him with someone else, but I wouldn’t mind, I wouldn’t try to stop in any way, unless it’s getting too intimate (in terms of feelings&emotions).
I am just 22, I want to experience new things, have more partners, and not regret about it later in life, when my body won’t be that attractive to people. I want to try everything.
But I feel like I am trapped. He manipulates emotionally, mentally. He changes what he said/says, he twists things the way it’d benefit him.
I don’t know if it’s just in my head or it’s really like this. And I don’t have anyone to talk about it. Someone who would know everything and say the things they are.

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