• 9 months ago

Me and this guy hit it off really fast, and i really like him, honestly. But now he’s sort of retreating, or at least it feels that way to little paranoid me some days. I can’t stop overthinking about him and how he could possibly feel about me. He posted some joke on Instagram along the lines of “i want a girl like le Monke” and though this could just be a pass at the meme and mean nothing, for whatever reason my mind goes into panic mode and takes it as a message meaning “I don’t want (my name) anymore and am looking for a better girl” or something. He’s expressed his feelings to me a couple of times, and told me he even liked me last year distantly while we were in school at the time, but only gained enough courage to approach me recently. What if he ended up not liking the part of my personality that he has gotten to know or something? I can’t stop thinking that i have done something wrong

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