• 8 months ago

I’m just getting my feelings out right now. So I’m a senior in high school. Every year since I was a freshman, I’ve gone to this Christian work camp. It’s where you get put on a crew with teens you haven’t met before, and you do home repairs for people in difficult financial or health situations. I go every year because I absolutely love it. It’s a week where I get to be independent and get out of my head. And the best part is that I get to help people in my community. I’m being 100% serious when I say that the week I’m at that camp, I feel the happiest I feel all year. It’s a place that I must go to every year. However, my mother has told me that I cannot go next year. And it’s not because of money, because every year I go, there are fundraisers that happen. And I do all those fundraisers and earn all my money every year (450$) so my mom never has to pay for me to go. But she says I can’t go. And that’s been a really hard thing to accept. I can’t describe how much that place means to me. And I’m someone who is currently struggling with a lot of depression. That week that I go, I just forget about all those struggles, and I become so positive. It’s an environment where they don’t force Jesus down your throat, and let you enjoy the week in your own way. I’ve straight up seen atheists go to this camp, and love it. It’s an amazing experience every time. I want to go so much. And knowing that I’m not allowed to go makes me so upset I could cry. I’m sure I come off as a whiney kid to some who read this, but just try to understand how much this camp means to me. It’s a very important thing in my life. Should I express this to my mother and ask her to let me go? Or should I just accept that she says I can’t?

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