• 11 months ago

I hate living here with my mother in law. We can’t afford our own place yet, so my husband and I are here. It was supposed to be a “you get half the house to yourself” kind of deal, but it’s not respected at all. The MIL always bursts into our room randomly without knocking (we don’t even have a lock on our door). She always texts my husband to get up and make her a drink instead of making it herself. Oh yeah. The texting. She always texts everyone when she wants/needs something even if we’re all home. Usually for something she can do herself, but rather get upset when her texts aren’t noticed by us cause we are doing our own things. I feel trapped here with no privacy and she treats us like her servants. I wish we weren’t so short on income and there were more places available for rent. I really don’t want to be here.

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