• 11 months ago

When you are a recovering sex addict like I am, no matter how well you’ve done getting your behaviors under control, even to the point when you don’t masturbate anymore, sometimes your sins of the past can really make you cringe no matter how amazingly much progress you have made. Most days it’s easy to stay on the good side and take pride in the progress, but then you end up randomly driving by some place, whether it is a parking lot or public park or apartment complex or someone’s home that you have a negative association with because it is a place that you engaged in whatever fucked up pathetic sexual act you did with whatever person at that place. This time it was a public park where I fondled and kissed a woman’s breasts as she had her hand wrapped around my penis. The worst part is aside from how pitiful the act out was, it was actually at the time a lovely experience. Her name was Laura W, and she had the sweetest little breasts I’ve ever laid a hand on. And sadly like most of my act out partners, she was a sex addict in her own right and in her own ways, because that is the only explanation for the look of bliss she had on her face as she gripped my pathetically tiny penis like it was the most beautiful thing she’d seen in her life.

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