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I wish you we’re still with me. I wish I could have changed how things ended up. My shitty memory makes me forget everything but the shit thing can’t make me forget the day you died. I love you so much and I miss you. ‘One last breath’ I tried to help you breathe one last time, but you.. left right in my hands. Right before my eyes.
I know you we’re in pain. and I know you didn’t want to go.. it was inevitable . but I just wish I could see you, wish I could hold you and kiss you. I wish things didn’t turn out this way.
I feel like i’m going crazy. I see you around the corners. I find traces of you. I see flashes of blood on the walls and in the water yet when I go to clean it up, it’s not there anymore. That scene readily plays through my mind completely uncalled for and I have to wash my face. I feel like you’re hiding from me. Or someone is hiding you from me. Keeping us apart. How I wish to follow you. Oh how I miss you my sweet. Be still, my heart.

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