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gangstalking long island. awfully long drama saga. need me klenex everytime. if her husband was gonna kill their children I am sure he would have by now bc she said one was 17. maybe they killed to save her life? I just think she dramatizes way too much. if they were gonna kill her they would have by now. the best thing she could do is change the color of her hair and shape of body and clothing and leave the country and forget the past life she had. go to europe or australia or anywhere right away where you can get lost. change your name and make a new identity for yourself. sure were taking lots of photos that is a lot of money to make that many photos. lot of money to pay losers to stalk too. most criminals are too selfish and stupid mostly. it sounds like a paranoia. mental illness. i feel sorry for her its gutwrenching makes me cry every time i watch it. makes me hate america and those cultures. they all evil and druggies. just get off the tube and go buy a teletubby outfit girl and run to the fields. let them think they sent you mental then they will feel so guilty sometime if they a bit human. i bet animals are better then these dirty cultures. I hate those cultures. they should be all killed. if you had such a great life married a few times and children and career as you say you did just leave and its better then most people have now days. you got to get them out of head and think free. just say no more to them or run away. go nuts. they won’t even wonder why you ran away they so selfish and stupid like most criminals. too busy drugging and dicktwisting.

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