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I watch a lot of youtube and its so full of drama queens. I don’t get some people like gangstalking long island. If I was her, no one would think less of her if she just forgot her kids and bought a ticket to eskimoland or africa and just lived out her life because from where I stand she has had one hell of a life, of husbands and babys and career and met the rich and famous and had heaps of money so she done better then me I never had any of those things. So she done it tough? haven’t we all. The thing is with this stalking stuff don’t add up cuz how many people count cars around them? or think everyone after them? in that case get far away. The kids won’t die. Why would so many people come to steal so many photos. you sure as shit mush have bun taking a bucket load of photos girl. that is a lot of film and junk to process on losers. Chances are they were always gonna steal your money honey. Just get out for your life. leave the country and never talk about it and never look back. the jungle has come hollywood and the palace and the palaces and wood will be in the jungle and everything turned upside down anyway. go live with the pandas or orangutans. yeh, be about the same company as you kept before but better as primitive away from your junk talk you poor lost soul creating more poor lost souls. your vids are no advert from your culture or country. don’t paint a good picture to the world. a kids born every second so just roll on away, and be free. you won’t win against all them fag elites no one will because they will all implode left to their own vicissitude and device.

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