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Some of the “confessions” listed here are, bluntly, criminal. I’m no prude by any stretch but holy crap:
Rape. Pedophilia. Statutory rape. Incest. Abuse.

Get help. Seriously.

People: any sex act without consent is assault. Period. People under a certain age cannot legally consent in most countries.

People: if you’re under 18 and your boyfriend/partner is 30s, you are a victim of a pedophile. Run screaming away from that partner!!! And yes, if you’re in your 30s with a minor as a sexual partner, you are a pedophile committing statutory rape. Get help.

People: If you are raping your dog or engaging in play with it, you are victimizing an animal. Stop! Please! Get help for the animal’s sake. You are raping it.

People: fantasizing about raping someone consistently is a *screaming red flag* that you need help please please talk to a therapist and get treatment so you don’t become a criminal… you can’t undo those things and sexually violent fantasies are calling cards of several seriously deranged individuals who end up doing worse… please please please get help.

If this pleading for all of you to get help saves even one person from winding up with trauma it is worth it. These confessions of sexual assaults and desires bring pain to the world. Stop and seek help.

Free counselling is available in most cities and many employers have it available for free also. Avail yourselves and stop this madness

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