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its funny at times how life tricks you , i fell for a guy and its been more than a year now . I really really want to forget him cause i know that he isnt into me , i dont even want to confess my feelings cause he a jerk and a aaaahhaaaa idk i hate the fact that i love him . The worst part is that he is my family friend , i just cant get rid of him . OH GOD I HATE YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT . even my grades came low this time , because i could not move on from the fact that he dosent love me , he looks at me like his sister (could not get worse than this ).i really want to get back to what i was before . i wish i wasnt such an emotional person , seriously half of my problems would have been solved . yesterday he was talking about the type of girls he wants to date , unfortunately i am that type but inturn he asks me do i have any friends like that .god the amount of pain i felt then , horrible . although this seems like a petty issue for you guys cause i am only a 19 year old girl and love at this age is pointless , let me tell you one thing , I USED TO BE THAT PERSON AND LOOK AT ME NOW !!!! like even my grades are getting affected , its so embarrassing . i was that type of girl who would never cry for a guy and made fun of guys like him most of the time , really never thought that things could come to this . and the guy , he is a badboy type (ikr good girls like me fall for BAD GUYS LIKE HIM , why the fuck is this so true!!!!!).AAAAHHHHAAAA I JUST WANT TO CRY AND SCREAM FOR THIS , YOU SHIT BAG CANT YOU SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU !!!!!CANT YOU SEE I AM THAT TYPE!! for now i really have to find ways to move on from him , and get myself back (i really have lost motivation in life ), good this confession page is there , could not sleep well too , have been trying to sleep for 1hr . WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN ? really whats the purpose !

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  • How do you know that?

    I can tell you from experience, there’s a few girls out there, I act like I don’t care, I don’t give much attention, but that’s only because they seem happy. I’m tough too, I have had my heart broken so badly in my day, nothing could be worse, and nothing can hurt me now, I don’t want to ruin anything good they have going, I don’t cling, but I see pictures on social media and they’re pretty god dann hot (if you’re reading this, God dann those are hot), but I can’t do anything. If she has a boyfriend, and he means something to her, clearly, I’m not the type to interfere because I wouldn’t want to start a relationship that might matter to me that way. A loser does that, and that’s exactly what happens. They lose. Even if they win, they lose. I’ll wait 6 months for a woman I like to get away from rebound if I need to.

    So yeah, fuck she hits me exactly where it turns me on, but… some other guy gets that.

    Anonymous June 11, 2019 1:46 am Reply

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