• 1 year ago

I’ve recently become aware that I am probably asexual. I’ve discussed it with people, and though I had never considered it before (I just figured I hadn’t found the right person yet), but everything seems to fit. Now, I’m okay with that – but what I’m struggling with is how instead of being sexually attracted to people, I yearn for those deep conversations. The ones that force your brain to consider new views and force you to think about things in all kinds of different ways. What I worry about is the people I have those conversations with. One of them, I absolutely adore. I’m not attracted to him per se, but I love his brain. And I just wonder…is it wrong for us to have such deep and thought provoking conversations when he’s in a relationship? It feels wrong to me, like I’m somehow betraying her. We don’t talk about anything intimate, but those types of conversations that we do have feel almost intimate. And it just makes me wonder if I should step back and remove myself from the situation.

I just don’t know.

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