• 1 year ago

With my girlfriend, I discovered how tactile I can be when I’m in love, but it’s not really the case for her. I love to stick myself against her, hug her, feel her skin and the heat of her body against mine, caress her, and kiss her face while I’m looking at her eyes with all the love I have for her. And I do it a lot.
At first she was letting me do it, but she is starting to reject me more and more, sometimes because she think I kust want sex because my dick gets hard when I stuck myself against her, which is not the case at all I just want to hug her. Sometimes she says she just doesn’t want it, that it is bothering her so I stop because I don’t want to make her feel like this. I’m trying to do it less and less for her but she rejects even the few times I do it. I really need this tactile interactions and it’s starting to hurt that I can’t have them.

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