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Some days I just miss my old lover so much. He was bad, I would never have a real relationship or future with him, but at the same time I liked having him in my life. He was my equal in so many aspects, even though I don’t love him like I love my husband. He was the friend that’s a terrible influence and made me do stupid stuff, and I dared him back. I miss him, and it hurts, it hurts even more when I have to play down any interest I still have left for him. I know I can’t have it all. But it hurts so much to lose this rare connection.
I just wanted to be able to let him know, but it’s unfair on everyone. It hurts. I miss my old lover.

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  • Had good dick huh practice makes perfect. He probably still thinks about you too when he’s practicing.

    Anonymous May 15, 2019 10:23 pm Reply
  • Your poor husband, but it’s not that unusual. I’m sure your husband knew that women (including you) don’t actually love men. He knew the deal when he married you and I guess he’s cool with that, even though he obviously doesn’t know how you feel. Probably doesn’t want to know. It happens.

    That’s the way she goes

    Anonymous May 15, 2019 10:26 pm Reply
    • At least he keeps you happy in other ways.

      Anonymous May 15, 2019 10:26 pm Reply
    • Oh he knows. We have an open relationship, he is happy to let me sleep with other people, that’s not even the issue here. He satisfies me much better sexually and even intellectually than the guy I talk on my post – I mean, that’s why we’re married, we actually are super compatible, go figure.
      But even though we have this type of relationship, even though I tell him the whole truth about this and other things, doesn’t mean I can ave whatever I want. I care about his feelings too. Get through your thick skull that both men and women are capable of love. And before you tell yourself it was because of money or whatever, get this, the other guy was actually loaded, and worked in a very niche and prestigious artistic field; in the end this was probably what made my husband so uncomfortable about the whole thing.
      Relationships aren’t as basic as you propose. But they certainly don’t have to be so turbulent… Some of us just overcomplicate things and then have to suffer the consequences. I made my choice, now I deal with it, and I come here to vent.

      Anonymous May 15, 2019 10:41 pm Reply
      • Its not that complex…. Id love to look at your brain though. Your probably slightly autistic.

        Anonymous May 15, 2019 11:05 pm Reply

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