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my father is a businessman or at least he was. my ran ran away with her and never came back. i have a older brother but he’s in jail…
i am a 15 year old girl who is been cheated by 2 boyfriends whom i really loved with my heart..
one month ago my father ran away.. the police came to my house the other day saying that my father took 1 million cash and ran away..
i am currently living with my very distant relative who tried rape me…..
i tried to kill my self but dear god wouldn’t allow me that….
a week before i tried to kill myself but god didn’t allowed that..
i was saved by a boy…
his cute though…
we’ve been in since touch then.. he knows my situation and said he would help me. though his 19 year old boy.
i don’t know but i think i kinda like him. he doesn’t have any girlfriend though..
but i am afraid…
if me cheats on me? what if i get hurt again?
dear god want to know what i have ever done to you? i’ll go to church every sunday i promise but please for the first time please give me happiness..
if he cheats on me.. if i get hurt again…
please…please let me die..
i beg you.. please
let… me… die….

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