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I’m gay and I’m out to my parents, but I hate talking to them about being gay and stuff. I have depression, (for those of you scrolling, I’m also the depression but want bipolar post) and gay related things are a big trigger and issue for me, but I never tell my parents (and sometimes even my therapist) about what really is going on and making me so crazy sad. I’m also genderfluid, but my parents just seem not to understand or like that about me, so I suppressed it like crazy and now only dress and act totally feminine. Both of these things really hurt.
They don’t not support me, but they don’t support me either if that makes sense.

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  • It has to be hard for parents. I’ts hard for me to understand. People who arent’ really in the scene don’t understand. And there is a scene, I think. There are people who identify differently nowdays than they ever have. Ever. We all have to stop judging and we all have to stop fearing we’re being judged. We all have ot love one another no matter what other do or say about us. Unless they are malicious, then sure, don’t hang out with them, but otherwise, tell me what it means to be you. How you feel, How I can treat you better or make you feel better. Don’t just tell me you’re hurt and in pain and suffering, tell me how to love you the way you want to be loved.

    Anonymous April 15, 2019 3:07 pm Reply

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