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I’ve never done this before
I really haven’t
I’ve never felt this before
I really haven’t
I’m not the type to show love on anyone. Not even my own family.
It all changed when I met you
You were the only one who
Made me smile when I wanted to frown
Made me laugh when I wanted to cry…
Made me frown when I wanted to smile
Made me cry when I wanted to laugh…
You may be with her now
Just know
Would she stay if she knew you like I do?
Would she still be head over heels even after years of separation?
Tell me, is she really right for you?
Tell me, does she love you like I do?
Does she cry when you cry?
Is she happy when you’re happy?
Is she the reason why you’re happy?
Is she REALLY the reason why you’re happy?
Have you finally found the one
Have you finally found
Probably. After all
I’m just
Some girl
Who you used to know
Who used to like you
Who used to love you
Who still loves you
Lincoln… I love you
Why won’t you love me?

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