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I’m 26, f, and have a crush on a guy 24 years older than me. I’ve been waiting all week for him to call and come over so I can help him do something online (he’s terrible at computers) and then I want to slowly tease him and hopefully let me fuck him. But he called this morning and I freaked out and didn’t answer and texted later that I was busy. Wtf is wrong with me, I want him so bad.

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  • I love it when girls like me or show interest. I’m 44.

    Like today, I was delivering to a
    Restaurant and this cute girl a waitress, early 20, glasses, dark hair and a pony tail was standing there trying to get by, I apologized to her, and when I looked at her she was giving me googy eyes. It was really cute. I think I was looking good today, it was one of those rare days I woke up, looked in the mirror and my hair which is longer, Im not clean cut, Iooked good. It wasn’t bead head, it just looked good, and I havent shaved in a few days but I didnt bother with the shower, which it very rare for me. I’m described as “sexy” by more than one woman and I seem to get more attention on a day like today when I don’t try. So whatever, I do my thing and I’m in there talking to the manager and this girl comes over and stands right beside me breaking up boxes. I thought that was cute. I love that. I get a fair share of attention from women of all ages, but I love it when it’s girls in their 20’s it’s hot and flattering

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 2:47 am Reply
  • I’ve had even younger girls florting like crazy and bad with me. I had an old work buddy, he had 3 teenage daughter’s, and I didn’t know them too well they were not identical and he claimed the brunette is smarter than the blonde and that myth is true. So I go over there to buy some weed from him, he’s a single dad and I dont know these girls, I have no business talking to them, but I go over there one time and the brunette, who was cute, she comes over stands directly in front of me at the door, and shes looking up at me. I dont know what she was getting at with that I didn’t say anything but Im thinking “No I’m not a cop here to get your daddy…” I guess I could’ve said “hi, I’m ****…” but I just said “hi…” and then he called them to go eat dinner. This was years ago, like 8 years ago. She turned around I think I glanced at her crazy socks. And admitedly I have a foot fetish. I know she noticed that because as she was turning away she had this look on her face. She was also the kind of girl that I would go there, talk to her dad, go to leave, get to my car, look at their window as I’m getting into my car, and she’s peeking through the blinds at me getting into my car

    I go back there after all this and she’s in jeans, laying with her dad watching TV in front of me barefoot, toes freshly painted red and trying to seduce me. She was working them, and I was about ready to explode. She rolled over as he was kicking her out to kiss him, souls scrunched up, She knew exactly what she was doing. Her sister, the blonde tried it too after that. Like even more obviously. Like right in front of me rubbing them together, like they are paying onna bed and I’m sitting on a couch right beside it. Feet are like 2 ft in front of me and when I didnt look, tried again more vigorously. I still didn’t look. But I was more flattered by the brunette. Sorry honey, your old man would literally shoot me…

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 3:10 am Reply
  • OP, he’ll be grateful no matter when or how you flatter him with your desire. If you really want it, just do it.

    And God bless you, and every younger woman like you, for your attraction to older men, lol.

    Anonymous January 11, 2019 3:35 am Reply

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