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Most often we think, we blame ourselves for things that go wrong in our lives. I used to look at my childhood photos and smile at the cute little girl smiling back at me. She had dreams, she wished to fly high, she wanted the best of everything. God helped her with amazing parents , life, education, everything. She was very grateful..
Just like time changes, so does people. They change their masks all the time, we just don’t realize it. Over the years she felt that something wasn’t right. Her self esteem was lowered,her self love had vanished, she was upset most of the times, crying her eyes out. She never knew what happened that broke her. And she was always sad. She blamed her friends for it, her luck for it, she blamed God for it.She had always suspected a particular person but just dismissed that it was just her Damm thoughts and so paid no attention to it.
And 21 years later…
Here she is…as me.
I have finally realized what had gone wrong. Yes I have everything to be grateful but not for one thing. MY OWN MOTHER. She was the ultimate reason for my depression, when I needed someone’s hand she wasn’t there, when I needed help she wasn’t there. She was always there to criticize me, judge me, discourage me. I got all these negative comments from people, the last thing I wanted was to receive from my own mother. Now at this crucial point I wish I should have killed myself long before when I had the time to do it. I have just been putting myself through years if pain and I wish it would have ended long before the point no tears were left for me. No more. No More…..
Anyone can give birth but only a few can become a mother

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  • I thought I’m going to read a beautiful story

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