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my ex and i broke up awhile ago and i rly miss him anyways. on his snapchat story he put hook up or pass. and i got really hurt and offended because he told me he still loved me and wasnt looking for another girl then 1 month later he puts that on his story. i was mad so i snapped back saying me and he said pass because feelings are lost and kissing is intimate. that really hurt me. then today at school we walked by each other and he completly avoided me at all. he locked eyes with me then looked down. our last conversation was me being mad and i guess we arent on the best terms, what do u think this is. i thought he really loved me at least thats what he told me. what are your opinions.

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  • He may have told you he loved you, but he is your ex and you are broken up so….

    Anonymous January 9, 2019 10:50 pm Reply

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