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No one knows I have depression. I’m 28 years old and until beginning of 2017 I had my life figured out, but due to a shitty boss, overworked and a shitty work environment and had a mental breakdown (burnout syndrom) and develop depression and anxiety. I had come to terms with it and I only starded seeing a therapist in mid 2018. Fort the first time a week ago I went to a psychiatrist cause I couldnt handle anymore my mental health and he prescribe me anti-depressant and sleeping pills… no one knows about it, not even my mom (I dont want to worry her) so I feel like I have no one to go to. And I feel ashamed of accepting that I have a mental problem. I can’t come to terms with the hold situation. To make matter worst I’m in the middle of finals at the university know and scared that I might loose my scholarship due to my poor perfomance. If I lost it, I wouldnt be able to handle the shame

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  • If I can offer you any advice, it would be to try looking for a new job; one with a much healthier work environment. Also, you can always find friends at your university to speak to once you get closer to them, or anyone else who can understand what you’re going through. Having anxiety is not fun at all, but you can get through this. The most important thing is to not stay caged in all the time, as solitude is what anxiety feeds off of. Be around people, try to have a good time, remain social with others who treat you with respect, and work on trying to balance your mind. When school is over soon, take time to really care for yourself. If you’re religious or spiritual, trying praying regularly or meditating. Doing little things for yourself, even taking time to relax can really help. I hope to do well, buddy. Keep hanging in there.

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