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Still waiting on my dad to realize that he truly only wants anything to do with us on holidays/his birthday/father’s day. Tried several times to reconnect with him when I was younger, but he ghosted almost every time unless it was a holiday.

Hadn’t seen him in over a year once, I took the courage to go see him and he invited his neighbors over for dinner and they drank. They do it every week, but he couldn’t skip one night for me so we could catch up.

Was in the hospital in my teens. He asked my mom what dress size I wanted for his wedding…I wasn’t physically able to attend.

Made plans to try and see him once and had to cancel due to a car wreck…he said to just call him when I wanted to reschedule (didn’t ask about me or the car).

I’ve just kinda given up on trying to reconnect. Waiting on him to realize that he only wants us when it’s convenient so he’ll stop inviting me to Christmas parties and to see him for father’s day.

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