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i have an ex who i dated over a year ago. when we broke up i cut my hips a lot to cope (obviously i know that isnt healthy, but for some reason, i just can control myself) and just over a month ago we talked a lil bit again and were kinda flirty with each other. then we kinda fell off again.. i get super fidgety around him and super nervous. even when im not even around him and think about him, it feels like a weight on my chest. i kinda drunk texted him and told him i cut and that i am cutting again, more so as a way for me to get over it myself than to get anything out of him, and he left me on open. i have learned he literally has no regard for anyone’s feelings, and im trying to get over it, but i still get nervous and anxious about it. it almost makes me physically ill to think about him, but i cant help myself.

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  • Please stop and seek therapy . You can get a bad infection and it’s really bad for you spiritually . Just saying

    Anonymous November 18, 2018 2:17 pm Reply

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