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I am the ugly friend in my friend group. My best friend has guys around her constantly, trying to be all cute like picking her up, swooping her around and stuff. She likes it too, even if she acts like they are all just friends to her, not to mention she has a boyfriend. How can she have like 5 guys swarming around her, while the one guy I like is my friend, but hes in love with my other best friend?! It is no fair. I can never be enough for someone. I’m stupid, I’m a freak. Everyone is judging me. I’m so fat and ugly!!! She is everything all the guys want, pretty and popular. She’s rich, she has everything. She has guys falling at her feet, while I can’t even find true friends anymore. Everyone is so fake to me, like I’m oblivious to every dirty look, every whisper, every chuckle that comes as I walk through those hallways. I understand okay! I am the ugly one of the group, and I can’t ever change that. I’m pretty sure that if I just kill myself now, nobody would care. I have affected nobody’s lives, everybody’s lives would be better off without me dragging them down my downward spiral..

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  • It also kind of stupid though. Women are dumb but guys are pathetic and dumb too. I witnessed it this evening pulling in from work. Got out of my car, I live in an apartment complex. I get out of my car, and as usual there is one young dude over walking his dog, and another young cute girl walking her dog. There pretty far apart, he’s about 30 feet away, and she is almost behind my car. I’m not sure he’s from this building, she might be. He’s a dingleberry In my opinion. Not very attractive or in good shape, very wiggaish, and just being too forward to this girl IMO. Very smiley, he’s shaved head, overweight, and he had already been yelling at her from a distance, standing by the garbage bins before I got out of the car but what I remember hearing was “that’s a nice dog… :)” and she just kept giggling. I also heard “I’m so-and-so” to which she did not say her name, she just kept giggling. He repeated that’s a nice dog. I watched this, payed attention walking in, I looked right over at her unlocking the door to the duilding and thought “…. what a try hard…. he’s not getting anything…” I knew that as soon as instead of returning her name, she just giggled at a distance, walking away, standing behind my car… I’m holding 2 pizzas paying attention to this, while I’m walking in. I mean I realize you need to try or you’re not getting any, but that’s too much. I’m the same way when some strange brawd approaches walking her dog while I’m cleaning my car and relates to me how she has the same car, but like 10 years older. I think to myself “why even talk to a stranger? I’m cleaning my car, I’m not feeling social in any way, I rarely am, why bother people out of the blue? I’ll say hi back, but I have no interest in carrying on a conversation with you right now.

    Anonymous July 14, 2018 4:07 am Reply
  • I care

    Anonymous July 14, 2018 1:57 pm Reply
  • Hey friend! Listen. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Just because you are don’t fit in the category of ‘beautiful’ that society envisions doesn’t mean it is the truth. You may need to work on your health for your own benefit. But other than that, nothing else is your business. If everyone is pretty then no one is.

    School can be testing in such matters. Just understand that these are a bunch of students who each are facing some difficulty but put them behind their bullying nature. Whenever you are having a difficult time, imagine how these people would look in their 70s. This is the part of life where they can flaunt what they think is their best quality. I think you should find yours and do the same.

    Life is for everyone to live. It is not unfair. You have just turned blind to other stuff. Be more open. Don’t care about these nincompoops. Live your life the way you want. All the best.

    Anonymous July 14, 2018 4:37 pm Reply
  • Do it, go fucking kill yourself and I really wish turn into ghost and watch your parents suffer,watch how people say that you died like a coward instead of working on your problems, you can go to gym and lose weight, you can gain confidence by believing in yourself,but trying to kill yourself is easiest option to end problems right? Just do it…and yeah in your dying you will definitely see all the happy memories and realized that your life wasn’t even that bad, you could have just face it, tried to improve, stay away from fake people and stay alone if you have to and it would be too late, just go, do it, you coward piece of shit

    Anonymous July 15, 2018 4:30 am Reply

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