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At a very young age I have been bullied ,harassed,and physically abused. just because of that I have many problems for example I have different personalities I have a very severe case of depression and I tend to have muscle spasms this all caused my to pushed myself into a dark lonely corner of depression and cutting my wrists,arms, and legs. I usually have no one to talk to about this besides my doctor. I have no feeling in my body because of just some stupid kid trying to make someone’s else’s life a living hell. If this haven’t happened I would of been happy and more outgoing but , just something so harsh pushes it away from you because you’re not dressed well. You’re not good looking. YOU’RE NOT PERFECT. I wish this can stop.i wish my life was better than this HELL

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  • Shoot the fuckers

    Anonymous April 16, 2018 7:18 pm Reply

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