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This isn’t really a confession, but I just needed somewhere to maybe get advice or get it all down on paper.
So I have a crush on a guy and I’m that girl who admires from a distance, we don’t talk much and are not friends. He’s way out of my league I’d say…
A girl walks up to me and said “He doesn’t like you back.” I was confused and she pointed to MY CRUSH and repeated what she said. I then later found out she told him I had a crush on him. But I’m not exactly sure if that’s true. So I always try hide when I see him.
Also-I can’t tell him the truth. I’m a nerdy quiet shy girl who he probably doesn’t even know the name of. He’s one of the most popular guys in my grade and is real cute and has a great personality. I just want to die in a hole when I see him. I can literally feel my stomach sink. What do I do?!

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