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Dear Edd from Physics,
I doubt you’ll ever see this, but it had to be said somewhere. Ever since the first day of school I’ve had a crush on you. We sat on opposite ends of the room yet something about you always drew my attention towards you. You were so serious at first. I rarely saw you smile, except for the occassional shy grin you gave when the teacher teased you. Then second semester came, and I got something I never expected. I got a chance to sit next to you. We began to talk to each other more, we grew closer, and gradually the feelings I felt towards you became stronger and stronger. Everytime we talk I feel something strange inside me, something I’ve rarely ever felt before. When we make eye contact I can’t tell what’s on your mind. We often play around, you often nudge me, you often brush against my hand, and every afternoon we play anagrams on our phones. When you let me borrow that one game (you dorky muscle jock, youre so adorable and dorky and awkward it just makes me melt) i felt like i had a chance… that game given to you by your brother… did that mean something? Do i mean enough to you that you’d lend such a valuable thing to me? Or is it just my mind making something up where there is nothing? I wish I’d know, and I wish you’d know. This fire that burns inside me that grows stronger each day… if only you’d see it… if only you’d know… if only you’d take me…
But alas… you’ll probably never see this… but we’ll still be friends… right?

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  • why does this sound like a confession I would make?!?! I used to have a crush on a guy named Edd too except he wasnt all muscly or jocky, but sitting next to him after the first few months of school and talking and getting to know him???? that’s crazily similar to mine D:

    Anonymous March 17, 2018 7:59 pm Reply

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