• 2 months ago

Honestly sorry for lying about the alternatives in our events. Was a dick move of me I just couldn’t stop it, it was compulsive and too deep in. I’m only sorry to WaveM though, they were the only one who gave a shit if I killed myself. You never listened and you made everything worse so in hindsight I’m not even mad, just getting guilt off my chest. I hope you fucking feel the pain you brought me you transphobic shit. I could’ve killed myself and yet you kept making my dysphoria heighten and heighten and even said that your opinions on Transgender mattered more than my life and our friendship. I regret everything we went through together and all the times I stuck up for you and I hate how I feel guilty for things I am not even responsible for you piece of shit, i should’ve listened to everyone who said I should’ve left you, I should’ve listened to my mother god damn it I’m sorry mom I wish I listened to you I’m sorry to the people I had in my life I should’ve listened

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