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I am really close with a family friend of mine(We will call here CF). CF and I have been close since 2nd grade and but we live like an hour away from each other so we only see each other like once a month or at a sports practice we both go to. So basically only talk through text until we have like a monthly sleepover. So one night at like 11 O’clock she texted me saying she has a secret she has been keeping to herself but once she figured it out she is telling a few close friends and she really trusts me. Again, we are close so we tell each other secrets we don’t tell others, Even though I lie a lot in all my other relationships I am honest with her. She told me that she is non-binary and wants to go by a different name and they/them pronouns. She said she will still be a little feminie but this feels right, and she hasn’t told her parents yet. Here’s the thing though I don’t really believe in non-binary, there is no scientific proof. I am a girl of pure science if there is scientific proof to support it, I agree. If not I disagree. LGBTQA all have scientific backing will genetics and white matter. But Nonbinary, I have looked and scoured the internet and nothing. This hurts even more because I am part of the LGBTQA I have had some romantic interests in girls. So I lied, I told her I supported her fully though this new change, I started using her new name texting and her new pronouns. It hurts though because now I am lying to her too. I don’t want to hurt her and I know how crucial full support from somebody you really trust is. I am sad because now my one honest relationship is ruined because of something so important to her. I am scared if she asked me to do something public like on instagram, or asks me to go to a support rally because I am and always have been her closest friend. I don’t know what to do.
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