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Maybe it’s not that big of a deal and it sounds really stupid but..
My family is a family of christians, well only my mum and dad and my brothers aren’t, my parents are very violent especially my dad when I don’t do the things that he says or if I say something that he doesn’t like..
My mum when she gets angry at me she always says that she’s gonna kill me or she takes dangerous objects or things in her hand to threaten me..I know, my parents are the best, am I right..?
So.. My dad wants me to learn to play the piano, so he talked to someone from the church that we go to, and he asked that man to give me lessons.
I went to the lesson 4 times but I always made excuses to that guy that I have some problems with my family or other excuses just to not go to the church to his lessons.. And my parents don’t know about it and i’m trying to look for another place to take piano lessons.. The lie is that each month I had to pay that guy 23 dollars *I only went for one month* and my mum gave the money to me and I didn’t give that man the money because I didn’t go anymore to that man and he said that I don’t need to pay him.. And I just spent the money..And my dad is in another country working and he said when he’s coming back home he’s gonna ask that guy if what i’m saying is true *meaning I only told him that I did payed that guy* and if he finds out i’m gonna get in trouble and they might get violent with me..What should I do? I’m scared..I don’t want them to lose their trust in me, some people might think it’s not that serious but my parents are extreme and violent they were acting the same towards my brothers when they were little too.. Especially my dad.. Please.. someone.. I need help.

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  • Contact local child protective services ahead of time or tell your parents the truth at a police station.

    Anonymous April 18, 2019 9:12 pm Reply
    • i agree

      Anonymous April 19, 2019 4:26 am Reply

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