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if I just had the telepathic ability to telepathically control two or three bodily functions of other people, Id play it masturfully:

1) control whether or not they can ever have an orgasm/errection and when/what circumstances

2) whether or not they can shit and/or urinate

I could literally take people out I hate just by stopping their ability to shit – or alternatively, taking away their ability to orgasm completely cauaing them to want to die or have substance addiction – I could get peope to pay me so much cash money to “fix” their “problems” – aid be fucking filthy rich!

or I could cause high powered men like presidents or congressmen or governors etc to only be attracted to underaged pre-teenage girls – and to have an uncontrolable errection in their presenece and a throbbing need to ejaculate the closer they get to them…

but othereise have their penis be flacid … and completely unable to get hard or ejaculate….

and also maybe make them super constipated unless they have ejaculated in the presence of a preteen girl within thenpast 24 hours… and make it a debilitating consipation that hurts and is crippling…

then the President or Vice President would be driven and controled completely by his own penis, and forced to attempt to have sex with underaged preteen girls

they would all do it and cave in – especially our current president

with this power I could take over any company, any small government, maybe even any upper levels of government

you tell me the ability to do this wouldnt be one of the most powerful mutant powers!!!

think about it: if i wanted a woman to like me, Id with hold her ability to orgasm, until she was near me… then if i “casually” or “accidentally” touched her at work, Id then trigger a surge of orgasm right then – just a touch… and then withhold it – or withhold it until she dressed like how I want or got ride of smelly socks or went without underwear or went commando in the office everyday or made her unable to organ if she was on birth control or if she was with a guy using a condom so that she always insisted the guy cum inside her or any number of things like she could only orgasm if she was smoking a cigarette ornif she had smoke two or three packs that day or anything – people would do anything for their orgasm

But just by controlling it so a girl could only orgasm around me – so that she was only ever able to orgasm with me – and I always delivered! id get any woman in the world I wanted like this!

If I got in a fight with guys, I’d just have them all immediately shy themselves uncontrollably and then strike them with repeated orgasms over and over again until they were onnthe ground covered in shit and piss and jizz – while their bowels keep flexing trying to empty out and while their cocks keep throbbing in dry orgasm – I’d be devastating

Just think if I was a UFC fighter and punched a guy and he immediately shit himself fully and completely and dropped say 10-15 pounds of pure shit in the arena

Nobody would ever want to fight me after a while

Or I’d get in the ring and while their are in their corner I’d give them a raging errection and they couldn’t keep it down – all the cameras would see and then every time they tried to advance on me I’d give them a surging ejaculation and orgasm more powerful than anything they ever felt – they’d drop their guard in ecstasy- then I’d land a single shitty punch – and then u leash all their bowels at once – just total shit storm

I’d win every fucking fight

There’s no limit to what I could do with this simple mutant power to control other peoples shitting or orgasms

No really i could take over the whole world this way

I could rule the world!

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  • Wow that’s honestly an op power lmao

    Anonymous March 10, 2019 3:43 am Reply
  • I think you need a hobby

    Anonymous March 10, 2019 4:02 am Reply
    • And why are you fighting with people? What the fucks a matter with you? Are you some kind of a fucking animal?

      Anonymous March 10, 2019 4:04 am Reply
  • It’s an interesting plan but I think someone would just take you out. Someone is going to put two and two together, especially if you hold the orgasm against a woman because she’ll directly associate it with you.

    Anonymous March 10, 2019 4:14 am Reply
  • Why is this in the lie section>

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 11:47 pm Reply

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