• 1 year ago

If i were to describe myself i’d say I’m a wild, quirky, social, confident and attractive young woman. I’m always surrounded by my many friends laughing and smiling. I’m accepted into a group. But i feel like I’m just a tool to them. When i talk I’m silenced and listen to more conversations than actually participate in them. When i do talk I tell a joke and have a laugh then I’m politely told “Shut the fuck up until we tell you to talk again.” My friends are all so plastic and fake. They cry about petty things and make a big deal of everything, it’s so irritating. I secretly hate them but stay with them as a way of survival. Now in our society I’d say I’m rather attractive. I have soft clear skin, long brown shiny hair, busty D cups, a curvy figure, good bone structure, colourful lips and I’m blessed with dark amber eyes making me quite rare too. Despite all this I remain single for the soul reason I’m too clean making me undesirable. I don’t mess around in school even though i really want to because I’m scared I’ll lose my so called friends that i’m supposed love. What the fuck is this bullshit?

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