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My ex boyfriend asked if I slept with anyone on our last break. I told him no. I really slept with the one guy he hates and would hate me if he knew. We are still talking. I’m carrying so much shame for having a secret.

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  • No you’re not… come on, you’ryou’re a liar.

    You know what bother me about her? People think it’s her and that she left, and that was true for a few years, but here we are 15 years later, and to be realistic, Imna pretty good looking dude, arguable better than ever, I like myself better than ever, but it’s not even just looks, I like myself too. And I like myself because I have met quite a few women over the last 15 years old and young and they really reinforced what I’ve always know, I’m a catch. I got it pretty together, and I’m doing alright at 44. I like me and what I’m about because of how other people have treated me.

    She was pretty much at fault for everything that went bad between us. She was young, but she really really fucked me over in a lot of ways.

    I’m pissed off that she made so many people I was walking away from for many reasons aware of where I was and what I was doing. So instead of forgetting about it and me 15 years ago, she raised shut that pulled me back into it, and we’re still here worse than if I was just allowed to walk away and do something with my life.

    As for her, I’ll never be ae to forgive her for that. But also, superficially, I’m probably not attracted to her physically after this long. She wasted her youth on garbage amd let me suffer. I don’t want her. I am pissed off at everything she did.

    I wish people could understand that. I don’t give a shit about her. I am pissed off at the fallout of what she did amd Ok might be forever. That was some rotten shit. She can fuck herself. I wish she would forget it and fuck off and keep these fucking inferior twats quiet.

    Anonymous February 8, 2019 3:16 am Reply
    • In other words, she is probably not attractive enough to do it for me, when it comes right down to it, I never liked her anyway, and her people are seriously fucking idiots. The reflect so badly or her to the way I see her, she has no idea.

      So fuck off

      Anonymous February 8, 2019 3:21 am Reply
  • You weren’t together at the time, you were on a break. Sleeping around on your break, isn’t cheating. Perhaps he slept around aswell and wanted to know if you had. Depending on your answer, maybe his guilt would be alleviated.

    As for the guy you slept with, that your man hates – Perhaps you secretly wanted to fuck him, whilst you was dating your boyfriend and used the opportunity of a break – To fuck him then. Less guilt that way, dong you think?

    Anonymous February 14, 2019 1:44 am Reply

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