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anyone remember secret? the app where we can post things like twitter, but anonymously? the red fox logo?

well, this confession is a mix between a lie and a guilt.

firstly, about my post. i posted something about being an ugly girl yet an extremely handsome guy who is too good to be true is willing to be my boyfriend (i was in high school, basically thirsty for love to the delusional point). basically my post was about a list of why i’m the luckiest girl in the world because of having that blinding (fake) boyfriend. one example, like i said about being called cute despite my displeasing figure. (again, i was delusional)

unexpectedly, it went viral, so popular that it was the top post in my city. people were so supportive, having faith that it’s possible for a great guy to like you, and so on and so on. weirdly enough no one suspects a thing. probably it was too elaborate that it’s too impossible to be unreal.

and that’s my guilt. guilt of giving girls hope that they can be loved despite their bad appearance, their shyness, their imperfectness. giving the idea that cute guys don’t see girls based only on looks (no offense, guys. just bein realistic). i’m not saying that finding love is impossible for girls like us, it’s just… not as easy as flipping a giant rock.

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