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I’ve been lying to an online friend that I’m a year older than I am for like a year. It’s not a big deal because it’s only a year, but at the same time it’s obviously morally wrong. We met on a forum website and I was a year below the “age limit”, so i just lied, assuming I wouldn’t make any friends there anyways. I’ve grown up a lot and he’s actually kind of odd to me now, and says flirtatious things to me that I sometimes go along with and sometimes don’t, which also makes me feel guilty. I don’t really find him attractive, not that he’s ugly, just not my type. He also creeps me out sometimes and I don’t say anything.
The only reason I’m talking to him to this day is because I would feel bad if I suddenly vanished. I already did once and came crawling right back like an idiot, and he was upset about it, which I can completely understand.
He’s guilt trippy sometimes and doesn’t really know how to talk to people. He also has strange ideas about women and has expressed that he is afraid to be accused of rape, even if he has done nothing, which makes me think he’s had an actual experience with this situation. I hate to say it, but he sometimes legitimately repulses me and I’m ashamed to be talking to him. He’s just weird.
To add to things, I’m not supposed to be talking to him anyways, because of my parents’ rules. I have no idea how I’m going to get out of this ongoing situation, but one day I hope to just cease to talk to him at all and we peacefully become strangers. After that we’ll hopefully never interact again and I can wake up living in 2012 again.
I know I’m a bad person for thinking/doing all of this, by the way. Feel free to think that. I just had to get everything off my chest.

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