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i lie to everyone about how im felling i say im fine and sometimes i say im sad or angry but really im scared.
not of people but of the things i see and most of the time i cant tell if its real or not and its not easy for me because im scared that the person im talking to might not be real and i dont want to seem crazy but i am.
sometimes its easier then other times but i dont know what to do because they tell me to do bad things and thats something i have used to help me tell apart the real from the fake.

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  • Talk to the person, maybe it is interdimensional or if you ever used lsd it could be a “flashback”. If it is a spirit don’t fear it, make sure they know you are then dominating one and not them. To make it go, use Sage or Palo Santo or herbs that can clean the zone

    Anonymous July 11, 2018 8:20 pm Reply

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