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Bhn, IT IS THE TRUTH. You don’t have your personal no. So I didn’t knew how to say. Behan, I know it is damn shameful. Koi bhi hamse bond krta to hum jhoot bol dete hai. This was not my first time. I know I was way out of line. Bhn please I realise how much I have hurt you and tu kitta gussa hogi abhi, but please hum waise larki nahi hai. Please bhn maaf kr de… I am ready for any punishment. Please bhn don’t judge me. Sach m guilty feel kr re, trust me (if you can). Dil s sorry for the pain I have caused. Please behn I feel blessed to have a sis like you and I already miss you… Sorry sis. Maaf kr de. Sorry. You can ask me anything

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